Enrollment Related :

Registration for new Intake will be open from 1st of August. Registration can be made Online.

To Register Online, Pls click the REGISTER link on the Navigation Menu Bar above. Upon completion you will received email notification with the enrollment steps & guideline.

Ministry of Education guideline, student age 3 years and above are eligible to enroll for the kindergarten/preschool program. Also all Children MUST completed the basic immunisation program prior to the schooling session.

Yes, Upon receiving the online registration, ATFAL Kids will setup an assessment date (to assess children's readiness & competency level), Also interview session to be conducted for parents on the same day (mainly to understand the expectation and student behaviour at home.) The date of assessment will be notified thru Phone Call or SMS.

Activities Related :

ATFAL Kids conducted various FUN Activites for children throughout the year (eg, Sports Day, Field Trip, Ihtifaal, Fire Safety, Police visit, etc) For more info on the activites, pls refer to ATFAL Kids Facebook page.

PAT Tool (Parents & Teacher tool) allow Parent to check student engagement & perfomance at finger click. Infomation such as Teacher's Daily Feedback, Quiz & Exam Results, Behaviour Assessment Results, Subject Lerned at school, Reading Progress, etc will help parents to understand child's progress at school at same time can help to overcome the weaknesses.

PAT Tool (Parents & Teacher tool) allow Parent to communicate with teachers and branch superviors at finger click. Parents can post any question in the PAT tool. Teacher will response to the your question as soonest.

PreSchool Related :

School start at 8am, finish at 12:30pm (Monday - Thursday) & 12pm (Friday only)

Yes, ATFAL Kids provide light snack during kindergarten session. The food provided are healthy & suitable for children. Menu can be found in the PAT tool.

Yes, homework will be assigned every Friday, Homework Book must be returned the following schooling day.

For more info on the School Fees, pls click on the PROGRAM link on the Navigation Menu Bar above.

We have assigned few transportation vendors to provide the Transportation services for ATFAL Kids students. Pls call us, For more info on the vendors.

ATFAL Kids is adopting KSSR core subjects (Bahasa, Mathematic, English, Science, Islamic Studies, Jawi) in our syllabus. We added few subjects such as Fast Track Reading, Little Tahfeez, Arabic, Smart Solat, Art & Craft to prepare Children for primary school. Also, by adopting Khalifah Method program in our syllabus, InshAllah will help children to develop Good Ahlak & Spiritual development.

AfterSchool Related :

AfterSchool Program start from 12:30pm - 6:30pm (Mon - Fri Only).

ATFAL Kids conduct Fardu Ain Classes (Hafazan, Solat Asar, Quranic-Iqra/Al Baghdadi), Homework, Reading Classes. Student join AfterSchool program will be entitle for School Holiday Program.

No, ATFAL Kids do not take outsider (from different school or toddlers). AfterSchool Program are limited to ATFAL Kids Pre School students Only.

For more info on the School Fees, pls click on the PROGRAM link on the Navigation Menu Bar above.

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