1. This Online Enrollment Form for NEW Students Registration only. ( Ini adalah borang pendaftaran atas talian bagi Pelajar Baharu sahaja.)

2. Kindly fill in the information required (MYKID is compulsory), E-Mail address MUST be valid in order to received confirmation email. ( Maklumat harus di isi dengan tepat MYKID, E-Mail bagi tujuan verifikasi.)

3. New regulation by Ministry of Education, all children must undergo the basic immunisation program prior to schooling session. ( Syarat baharu yg di tetapkan oleh kementarian pendidikan, Kanak-kanak haruslah melengkapkan program imunisasi asas sebelum sesi persekolahan.)

4. This is online enrollment forms, No Signature required. ( Ini adalah borang pendaftaran atas Talian, Tandatangan tidak di perlukan.)

5. Pls drop us a mail to, if any error encountered. ( Jika ada sebarang masaalah, sila email kepada )

6. Existing student pls consult the Branch Supervisor. ( Pelajar sedia ada sila rujuk kepada Penyelia cawangan.)

7. You will received email notification once you have successfully submit the form. ( Email akan di hantar selepas transaksi perndaftaran berjaya.)

8. Pls check your SPAM or JUNK folder if no email received. ( Sila semak SPAM folder jika tiada sebarang email di terima.)

Online Enrollment Form

This is online enrollment form, signature are not required. For any issue pls send email to
Pls verify the information entered before click Submit button.

------------ STUDENT'S DETAILS ------------

Child Full Name:

Date of Birth



Enrollment for:

Home Address:

------------ BRANCH & PROGRAM ------------

Branch Name:
Select NO if you not enroll your children for the AfterSchool program (12:30pm - 6:30pm)

Afterschool Program:

------------ ASSESSMENT DATE & VISIT ------------

(The objectives : To understand the student school's readiness, ADHD, AUTISM, Parent's Expectation etc.)
Assessment Date : Pls set at least 3 days in advance, Weekdays (9am - 4pm) Saturday (10am - 2pm).

Assessment Date

------------- PARENT'S DETAILS -------------

Mother Name:

Mother IC / Passport No will be used to login into PAT tool.Pls ensure the info accurate.

Mother IC:

Contact No:

Receipt, Newsletter and event details will be send to parent's email address.




Father Name:

Father IC:

Contact No:




------------ EMERGENCY CONTACT ------------

In case of emergency, Kindly provide any others contactable number (eg: Uncle, Grandparents etc)

Contact no:


--------------- HEALTH HISTORY RECORD ---------------

BASIC IMMUNISATION : BCG, Hept. B(1-3 dose), IPV/Hib(1-3 dose), Children age between 1 - 3yrs should complete all the above immunisation prior to enroll for preschool. Guideline by the Ministry of Education.


Pls select YES if you child have a history record diagnosed with the illness below, Your child may infected by the various illness during kindergarten, thus immunisations & good hygine are important.

Chicken Pox?:
Frequent Fever?:
**Any Allergies?:
** Pls type NO if no allergies

--------------- VERIFY & SUBMIT ---------------

Verification Code : pls validate all the info is accurate before click Submit button.

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InshAllah, You will received mail notification upon completion. Pls check your SPAM or JUNK folder, in case you have not received any email from us.TQ